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18 Feb 2020

Financial Annuals 2020

The LexisNexis portfolio of annual Financial Services titles has been updated for 2020. These latest releases, including the South African Financial Planning Handbook, offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date content, designed and formatted to provide easy access to all the information you need to make accurate, inspired decisions.

South African Financial Planning Handbook 2020

This work is widely regarded as the pre-eminent reference work for all financial planners, legal advisors, compliance officers and academics. It is prescribed for various post graduate qualifications in financial planning. The expert authors cover all aspects of financial planning and include references to legislation and case law as well as relevant examples enabling the reader to apply the information in a practical context.

Corporate & Personal Financial Planning 2020

Practical and informative, this publication provides the tax and financial planner with all the essentials for corporate and personal financial planning. It contains a comprehensive commentary on taxation of individuals, trusts and deceased estates, donations tax, estate duty and CGT, long-term insurance, retirement funds and disability benefits. There are numerous worked examples, concise summaries and extracts of all relevant legislation, including extracts from the Income Tax, Estate Duty, Pensions Funds and Long-term Insurance Acts, as well as Practice Notes applicable to retirement funds.

Financial Calculations and Worksheets 4ed (2020)

This work contains explanations and worked examples of various compound interest calculations encountered by financial planners. It also includes practical worksheets in A4 format on income tax, retirement planning and estate planning calculations, as well as rates, tables and formulae. Every professional financial planner should have a copy.

Fundamentals of SA Trust Law

This work was published in 2019 but is still up to date so a new edition is not being released. It is an excellent introduction to trust law and includes problems and challenges that practitioners and scholars may encounter when dealing with trusts.

Expatriate Tax

Issued late in 2019, this work covers the taxation of SA citizens working abroad and foreigners in South Africa. It will assist financial planners and tax advisers to provide their clients with sound tax advice including practical planning points, risk avoidance strategies as well as their income tax liabilities.

Money Laundering and Terror Financing Law 2020

A practical guide to the legislation around the prevention of money laundering, organized crime and protection against terror financing. This affordable textbook is ideal as a training manual for banks, financial institutions and people involved in the enforcement of anti-money laundering and terrorist activity. It includes commentary, all the relevant legislation, FIC guidance notes and FATF recommendations.

Exchange Control Compendium 2020

Exchange Control Compendium consolidates in one textbook pertinent legislation, the Currency and Exchanges Manual for Authorized Dealers, Guidelines issued by the SA Reserve Bank and a reference to cases judicially considered.

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