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01 Dec 2020

About this publication:

Are you a lawyer, law student or firm owner who wants to position yourself as an innovator or law-industry change-maker?

Do you want to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its enabling legal technologies to promote more meaningful access to justice?

Do you yearn to exploit technology to do more with less to build a sustainable legal business in the age of legal tech?

If so, then Leah Molatseli’s pioneering guide to becoming a legal tech startup is essential reading.

This book reflects the journey of a brave, resilient attorney who witnessed first-hand the need for ordinary citizens to gain greater access to justice. This led her to adopt new technology that works for the client by cutting costs, improving efficiency and reaching people more effectively. #Legaltech Startups and Innovation will equip other forward-thinking practitioners to do exactly the same.

In today’s world we have the technology, we have the skills and we have the ability to make justice and the law serve the people it should. A few people recognise this and are determined to be “part of the change they want to see”. They are that rare combination of great thinkers and great doers who spot opportunities to improve things and who act on them. They are people like Leah Molatseli.’
Adam Oxford of the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL)

A comprehensive guide for stakeholders in the African legal community, this book bears Leah’s simple, expressive and characteristically brilliant style.
Ademola Adeyoju (Technology and Intellectual Property Attorney and co-founder of Innovation Law Club Africa)

She is clearly ahead of the rest of the legal fraternity … and one day we will look back at this book as having been one of the founding texts to catalyse the transition to a new way of practising law.
Ryan Ishmail (Attorney, Notary, Conveyancer and Founder of RC Ishmail Attorneys)


  • Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Understanding the startup world
  • Part 3: Impact of technology on legal education
  • Part 4: Understanding business models in the legal tech industry
  • Part 5: Legal tech categories
  • Part 6: Technologies disrupting the legal industry
  • Part 7: Challenges associated with legal tech
  • Part 8: How to start your own legal tech startup or formulate a legal tech tool
  • References
  • Index

Of interest/benefit to:

  • Legal practitioners
  • Startup law firms
  • Law students and graduates
  • Academics and researchers
  • Statutory bodies

General information:

  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Author: Molatseli, L
  • Format: Print
  • Extent: 150 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781485137276
  • Language(s): English
  • Published: 2020
  • Category: Legal Practice
  • Retail price: R335

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