Announcing Juta’s Labour Law & HR Solutions promotional offers until end-November 2020

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05 Oct 2020

Selected Juta Labour Law and HR solutions are available at up to 25% discount until 30 November 2020:

25% OFF selected commentaries*
Access expert legal and regulatory commentary, available in print and electronic formats.

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Enhance the depth of your research, add rigour to your legal argument and experience an unprecedented tactical advantage in litigation.

20% OFF selected pocket statutes books & box sets*
Keep the most up-to-date labour legislation at your fingertips with these accessible pocket-sized books and libraries.

25% OFF selected Juta’s Legislation eBooks*
Simple, efficient, and up-to-date access to key legislation anytime, anywhere.

25% OFF selected posters*
Comply with the mandatory display of legislation at the workplace.

1-month FREE access Legalbrief Workplace
Have the latest relevant labour legislation, case law, and parliamentary news delivered to your inbox every week.



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