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02 Mar 2021

Juta invites our migrated NXT and Jutastat Evolve customers for a free training session until 31 March.

Juta is pleased to inform you of the rollout of our new Jutastat Evolve legal research platform to subscribers, which replaces the Jutastat NXT platform.

Jutastat Evolve combines trusted Juta legal content with industry-leading cognitive legal technology for fast and accurate discovery, data insights and analytics.

You can look forward to the following exciting new features:


NXT subscriptions have been migrated to the new platform with no change to the billing or subscription renewal date. To ensure a seamless transition to the new platform and to afford you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with it, you will have access to both the Jutastat NXT and Evolve platforms until 31 March 2021, after which your NXT access will terminate.


In March 2021 Juta will be sending out invitations to training on the new platform. We encourage you to join a session so that you can derive maximum benefit from the new platform. Alternatively, you can contact us to schedule your free training session.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. Please email [email protected] or contact your Business Consultant below if you have any questions about the transition to the new platform, or need further information, training, or support.

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