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06 Apr 2020

Certainty in an uncertain time

Juta and Company is providing free access to COVID-19 Legislation updates, categorised in an understandable manner so that you are kept up to date on changes as they are made by government, courts and other entities.

For the past 167 years, Juta has been the pioneer in the sourcing and monitoring of legal information, as well as the creator of the South African Law Reports since 1947. Juta’s Law Reports and Statutes Team has and still is committed to providing succinct, navigational and updated legal information.

“In a national state of disaster, the existing legislation and contingency arrangements may need to be supplemented by emergency regulations and directions to adequately deal with the crisis. It is in the public interest to disseminate these as widely, accurately and urgently as possible. These emergency measures are rapidly evolving and creates complexity for both legal professionals and the general public. Juta can provide the most accurate curation and up-to-date information in this complex environment” says Kamal Patel, the CEO of Juta.

Juta is committed to working at an accelerated speed to ensure that the legislative landscape for all legal updates on COVID-19 is monitored and published due to the constant change and amendments. The team will filter through the large volumes of legislative updates and distil the important aspects and the progression of evolving legislative measures.

The portal provides free access to information that covers notices, regulations and court directives pertaining to Covid-19. This will help you to access the information with ease, speed and monitor the progression during this challenging time we are facing.

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