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15 Sep 2020

The advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for individuals and businesses alike. It has resulted in the need for many to work remotely through the use of technology. These unprecedented times should not have to be a reason for a business to slow down but rather grants the unique opportunity for businesses to re-evaluate the manner in which they conduct business.

One important consideration is the use of technology to navigate the digital space and move businesses to online platforms. The use of online platforms can be seen as a natural extension of a business’s use of its intellectual property. In this way, a business’s intellectual property can be utilised in various revenue generating ways other than the traditional manner of simply affixing its trade mark, design or copyright on the business’s building, products and letter heads. This can be done by adopting the following ways:

  1. Websites
    Websites are a relatively easy way of engaging your consumers as they are one-stop portals where consumers can find all the information they need regarding a business. Consumers can also place orders online, thus circumventing the need to make a physical visit to the business.
  2. Registration of domain names
    This helps to increase the visibility of your brand by navigating traffic to your website. It also increases your intellectual property portfolio as your trade mark can be used as a domain name. It further acts as a defence to third-parties who may wish to ride off the coattails of your brand by registering a domain name incorporating your intellectual property, which would also lead to the confusion of consumers within the market.
  3. Social media platforms
    There are several social platforms that business can now securely utilise to advertise and conduct business online. This has the advantage of engaging with consumers in real time and 24/7.

Online platforms present a unique way of engaging with your business market and consumers and increasing visibility of your brands to stay relevant. To do so, businesses would require the extensive use of their intellectual property. In this regard, our firm has experts who will assist in the registration of intellectual property, companies and domain names. We also offer services crucial to the maintenance and protection of intellectual property online, such as copyright notices, the screening of content before its use online and social media checks to ensure that there is no infringement of prior rights.

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Luyanda Ntuli

Luyanda Ntuli is an attorney in KISCH IP's Trade Mark Department. Read more about Luyanda Ntuli


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