Practical do’s and don’ts on competition for corporates

competition for corporates
11 Apr 2017

Antitrust and competition laws exist to encourage fair competition and ethical trade practices, yet – despite these laws – high profile cases continue to emerge indicating collusive practices and cartel conduct. In addition, many corporates still grapple with the shifts introduced within the South African competition law framework by the Competition Act of 1999.

To better assist in providing corporates with practical insights into the theoretical underpinnings of South Africa’s competition legislation, LexisNexis has released a new edition of A Practical Guide to the South African Competition Act, first published in 2006.


The book is written by two lawyers and two economists, a feature which Judge Dennis Davis, speaking at the book launch on 5 April, said gives the book its edge. The economists are Dr Minette Neuhoff (Smit), who served as Chief Economist of the South African Competition Commission when it was established in 1999 and has 20 years of experience in the compliance training field and Marylla Govender – who specialises in the field of industrial economics and competition law. The two lawyers are Martin Versfeld and Daryl Dingley, who are both partners in the Competition Practice of Webber Wentzel. Judge Davis remarked that competition law is arguably the most complex area of law. This book will greatly assist those grappling with both the legal and economic principles of completion law.

A Practical Guide To The South African Competition Act Second Edition unpacks a number of important changes to the law that have occurred since the first edition. In several ground-breaking decisions, the competition authorities have demonstrated a rapidly evolving approach to the economic analysis of cases and the consequences for contraventions. These developments are covered in the new edition of this work.

A Practical Guide to the South African Competition Act is a compendium of all the most frequently asked questions about the Act and the economics that underpin it. It is written in a user-friendly format that poses essential questions which are then answered in a coherent and helpful manner using plain language diagrams and graphs. Judge Davis said that while the book is aimed at the authors’ clients and students, it would also be useful to attorneys, advocates and the judiciary.

Praising the work, Norman Manoim, Chairperson of the Competition Tribunal South Africa, said: “This publication will live on your desk not your shelf. Its greatest feature over other titles is that it gets to the point – quickly, clearly, without over-elaboration and without preaching to you. It makes the law friendlier to the economist and economics friendlier to the lawyer and both friendlier to those who can claim to be neither.”

A Practical Guide to the South African Competition Act Second Edition (ISBN: 9780409113693, February 2017) is available in print through the LexisNexis online bookstore at a cost of R720.00 (incl. VAT, excl. delivery). For more information, or to order a copy, call the LexisNexis customer care line 0860 765 432 or email [email protected]

lexispplLeft to right: Kate Staude of LexisNexis South Africa, with the authors of A Practical Guide To The South African Competition Act Second Edition, Marylla Govender, Daryl Dingley, Minette Neuhoff and Martin Versfeld.



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