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02 Nov 2023

Access to Government and Provincial Gazettes in South Africa is important for ensuring government accountability, public participation, and the protection of citizens’ rights and interests. It plays a vital role in maintaining a transparent and democratic society while safeguarding the well-being and security of the public. It also provides a valuable resource for historical and research purposes. Sabinet Discover makes accessing government and provincial gazettes easy. Search gazetted information extensively – either on notice level or by obtaining the complete Gazette. By subscribing, you will have online access to proclamations, deceased estates, legal notices, liquor notices, liquidations, road carrier permits and so much more. Subscribers can either subscribe to both Government and Provincial Gazettes or separately to each one.

Access to Government and Provincial Gazettes in South Africa is important for several reasons:

  • Transparency and accountability: Publishing different types of notices in the Gazette promotes transparency and accountability in government and legal processes. It ensures that citizens are aware of government actions and decisions that may affect them.
  • Legal requirements: Many of the items listed, such as deceased estates, liquor license applications, legislation amendments, and name changes, are legally required to be published in the Gazette. This serves as a formal notice to the public and helps ensure that legal procedures are followed. Also see Access National Legislation.
  • Public participation: Items like draft bills and land restitution claims provide citizens with the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. By publishing these proposals, the government invites public comments and feedback, promoting a more democratic and inclusive legislative process.
  • Consumer protection: Publication of public auctions, tenders, and sales allows citizens to access information about potential business opportunities and property auctions. This helps protect consumers’ interests and enables them to make informed decisions.
  • Property rights: The publication of land restitution claims is essential for individuals and investors interested in land transactions. It prevents disputes and informs potential buyers about any existing claims on the land.
  • Safety and community awareness: Publishing liquor license applications and road carrier permits in the Gazette ensures that communities are aware of new establishments and transportation services. This allows residents to voice concerns and objections and contributes to the safety and well-being of the community.
  • Cross-border operations: Cross Border Permits and Road Carrier Permits ensure that vehicles intended for cross-border and passenger transportation are regulated and known to the relevant authorities.
  • Unclaimed funds: Publishing unclaimed funds from dormant bank accounts helps reunite people with their financial assets. If funds remain unclaimed, it ensures that the state takes ownership as a custodian, preventing potential loss.

Sabinet also allows you to access Government and Provincial Gazettes from 1910 to 1993 – linking directly to the full text from search results, allowing you to quickly find the historic gazetted information you need without having to sift through thousands of hard copy documents.

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