Unemployment Insurance Fund Covid-19 claims under the spotlight

Unemployment Insurance Fund Covid-19 claims under the spotlight
11 Jun 2020

Department of Employment and Labour

Properly documented foreign nationals are also benefiting from Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Coronavirus Covid-19 claims.

The employment and labour department confirmed this in a statement emphasizing that the UIF pays all workers including foreign nationals.

To date, the UIF has paid a total of over R17-billion (R 17 262 056 961.36) for the benefit of 3 465 315 workers.

This includes money paid for some of the May applications which opened late last week.

According to the UIF Commissioner, Teboho Maruping, on June 1, the “Fund paid an amount of R 275 139 235 to 11 637 employers with 65 823 foreign national workers standing to benefit. This is in addition to 23 000 paid last week, and in total 88 823 foreign national workers have been paid to the tune of R375 139 235”.

Maruping added that “for as long as foreign national workers and their employers have contributed to the UIF, there is no way they can be excluded from benefiting”.

The department, however, conceded that payments to foreign workers take longer “because of multi-layered processes that are used to capture their information”.

The UIF has appealed to employers and bargaining councils to ensure that the necessary details including name and surname; ID, passport number or work permit number or any other method of identification; proof of how the employee was declared at UIF and/or SARS and three months bank statements showing payment of salary to that staff member are included in applications.

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