A deep dive into the evolving legal landscape with LexisNexis and The Law Society of South Africa

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30 Nov 2021

Aside from the global pandemic, the legal profession has also been impacted by technology. This can be seen in the practices of court work. Long gone are the days of paper-based information. Many practitioners now look to the convenience of laptops, tablets, and other digital systems to source their information.

The Legal Tech Report 2021 is an important body of research giving a moment-in-time snapshot of these, and more, challenges and concerns facing South Africa’s law profession. The 2021 State of the Legal Industry Address aims to hold open and transparent discussion on the state of the legal profession and unpack what it means for South Africa legal professionals.

Join LexisNexis and the Law Society of South Africa in discussing the findings of the 2021 Legal Tech Report at the State of the Legal Industry Address Webinar.

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