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divorce lawyers
21 Jun 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on many marriages, with the divorce rate climbing to unusual heights. Family Law attorneys were inundated with divorce queries throughout the lockdown levels, and continue to receive multiple queries daily subsequent to the relaxing of the levels.

Divorce is especially difficult when there are children involved. There is much preparation that needs to be done, and discussions held, to ensure the wellbeing of children before parents can go ahead with divorce. These discussions can take place prior to the institution of divorce proceedings, should the situation between two parents be amicable. However, if this is not the case, you may need to seek advice from a family lawyer, who can act as a mediator and advisor.

Divorce Preparation Questions

Ideally, couples will amicably discuss and agree on certain terms before approaching a lawyer. The types of questions that will need to be answered include:

  • Who will have primary residence/custody of the child/children?
  • What contact/visitation rights will the other parent have?
  • Will you prepare a parenting plan? If so, what will it include?
  • Which parent will pay child support/maintenance, how much will the payments be, and when will the payments end?
  • What other payments will each parent be responsible for? These include ad hoc payments like school uniforms, extra-curricular activities, etc.

Other questions include:

  • What are your marital assets and marital debts?
  • How will these be split in terms of your marital regime and so that it is fair for both parties?

Divorce Lawyers Near Me: Finding the Right Fit

It is imperative to find a divorce lawyer that will assist you every step of the way through this challenging time. The divorce lawyer should help you through the process, as well as assist you with understanding all the legal terminology associated with divorce.

Your attorney can affect the outcome of your divorce – make sure you have a professional, expert team behind you. The Adams & Adams family law team have extensive experience in dealing with all family and matrimonial matters.

Adams and Adams Divorce Lawyers

We can assist with the following matters in divorce:

  • Assistance in reaching amicable settlements through negotiation and support
  • Rule 43 applications for interim relief
  • Mediation in family law disputes
  • Divorces, divorce mediation and divorce negotiation
  • Enforcement of orders relating to family law matters
  • Parental responsibilities and rights including guardianship, care and contact
  • Children’s rights
  • Domestic violence
  • Post-divorce issues

The specialised family law team at Adams & Adams (Shani van Niekerk, Senior associate and Courtney Elson, associate) is equipped to assist with both opposed and unopposed divorces and ensure that each matter is considered on its own merits. Contact our experts for more information.

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Shani van Niekerk

Shani van Niekerk is a senior associate at Adams & Adams' CPL department. Her speciality and passion lie in matrimonial disputes and family law, inclusive of Domestic Violence and Harassment... Read more about Shani van Niekerk

Courtney Elson

Courtney Elson is an admitted attorney, and member of the Legal Practice Council. As an Associate in the CPL department, she practices personal injury law, third party claims, matrimonial disputes... Read more about Courtney Elson


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