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08 May 2018

Compli-News teams up with Juta to provide enhanced online research portal and newsletter 

Financial services compliance consultancy Compli-Serve SA, in collaboration with Juta and Company, is pleased to announce that it has launched a new, enhanced CompliNEWS online research and news portal and weekly electronic newsletter.

Together, Juta and Compli-Serve will combine their unique expertise, knowledge and experience to deliver up-to-the minute and authoritative content, legislation and commentary on news that matters to the financial services industry, and compliance officers in particular.

“As an established provider of authoritative regulatory and research information for the South African legal market, Juta Law is proud to partner with the Compli-Serve team in this venture. The combined insights and expertise of our respective businesses will deliver up-to-date, reliable financial compliance content essential to professionals in this sector,” says Andre van Niekerk, Executive Director at Juta Law.

What is CompliNEWS?

CompliNEWS is a weekly online newsletter and news and research portal, bringing you the latest legislative and regulatory news and commentary applicable to the financial services sector.

Subscribers will receive breaking regulatory and compliance news through their own, customisable online news portal, and a weekly current awareness newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. This will include relevant case law and commentary from a well-respected legal specialist.

The online portal, available at, will provide readers with the key points at a glance or allow them to drill deeper with carefully curated commentary, a pre-selected library of continually updated Juta legislation, and a newsletter archive of all CompliNEWS editions from 2015 to date.

Subscribers will also receive an invaluable monthly ethics newsletter, CompliETHICS.

What you will find in the CompliNEWS weekly newsletter: 

  • Latest legislative changes and developments with expert commentary;
  • Relevant case law and commentary from a well-respected legal specialist;
  • Enforcement news, including relevant rulings and commentary;
  • News from the Regulators; and
  • Local and international financial services news.

CPD verifiable hours earned through subscribing

In recognition of the relevance and value offered by CompliNEWS, subscribers will receive verifiable CPD hours for subscribing, the details of which will follow.

Who is CompliNEWS for?

  • Compliance professionals in the Financial Services Sector
  • Management and key individuals at Financial Service Providers
  • Banking professionals and management• Financial advisors and planners
  • Legal advisors in the Financial Services Sector

About the contributors

Content for the newsletter and news portal will be collected and curated by:

  • James George, Compli-Serve compliance manager and editor
  • Pam Saxby, an expert parliamentary commentator and contributor to Juta’s Legalbrief Policy Watch
  • Bridget Morony, previously Senior Legal Advisor First Rand
  • Lee Rossini, a well-respected author, legal advisor and financial planner who writes on compliance and best practice in the financial services

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