Local charities benefit from global community care drive

18 Oct 2016

Various charity organisations and NGOs across South Africa are set to benefit from RE Cares, an annual global community programme spearheaded by leading content and technology solutions provider, LexisNexis South Africa, through its global parent company, the RELX Group. This is the first year that LexisNexis is also joined by its Korbitec division which it acquired in November 2015.

RE Cares, observed globally in October, supports employee and corporate engagement that makes a positive impact on society through volunteerism and giving. In addition to local initiatives of importance to employees, RE Cares aligns with RELX Group’s business strengths by focusing on education for disadvantaged young people which furthers universal, sustainable access to information; the advancement of science and health; promotion of the rule of law and access to justice and protection of society.

Billy Last, Chief Executive Officer of LexisNexis South Africa, explained: “Globally LexisNexis works to uphold the rule of law by providing regulatory content in print, digital and training formats for professionals and academics in the fields of law, tax, accounting and government. All our business and corporate social responsibility efforts are guided by our common global purpose of upholding the rule of law, thus we champion causes aligned with the rule of law principle because we believe that sustainable social, political and economic progress can only exist in societies where the rule of law exists,” he said.

Each year LexisNexis gives its employees two days off to volunteer for charitable organisations. This encompasses business-sponsored volunteer activities and charitable fundraising events, in-kind charitable donations and the annual LexisNexis Cares Week which has a special focus on community involvement.

The South African leg of the programme commenced in Bloemfontein on 7 October. Staff from Korbitec’s satellite office partnered with the Reach for a Dream Foundation to treat children from one of the local hospitals to a special day out and also presented a donation to the foundation.

In Durban, staff from LexisNexis and Korbitec volunteered on 14 October in a range of activities set to benefit the South African Young Man’s Christian Association (SAYMCA), the Redlight Domino Foundation, Qhalakahle Creche, Umngeni Empowerment Centre’s Shiloh Safe House and Durban Green Corridors.

In Port Elizabeth, activities on the same day sawLexisNexis and Korbitec employees partner with the South Africa Marine Rescue and Education Centre (SAMREC) to assist with the rehabilitation of 150 penguins affected by a recent oil spill in Nelson Mandela Bay.

On 21 October, Korbitec’s East London branch will host a celebration for children and seniors at the Nceduluntu Community Centre.

In Johannesburg LexisNexis and Korbitec employees have activities planned for 25, 26 and 28 October which include packing care packs for local charities and a sports day with primary beneficiary, Hope for Woman South Africa.

In Cape Town, 28 October has been set aside for employees from LexisNexis and Korbitec to put together cares packs, sandwiches and resalable bracelets for Molosongololo, a local charity that works for the protection and advancement of children’s rights.

A core focus within the scope of Cares Day is that of anti-human trafficking, which sees LexisNexis work toward combatting this scourge by offering direct financial support, through promoting awareness, sponsoring victims support and assisting with training and education initiatives. South Africa observes National Human Trafficking Awareness Week annually during the first week of October.

Last said LexisNexis, its divisions and its employees worldwide care deeply about adhering to the highest standards of behaviour and working collaboratively to improve the lives of others in its surrounding communities.

He said the company was dedicated to playing a positive role in local and global communities, primarily through employee involvement and would also continue to work with others in its industry to unlock the social, political and economic potential that exists in societies around the globe.

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