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Cape Town
November 9, 2017

What is and Executive Search Consultant

An Executive Consultant is a new breed of professional who works with senior executive job seekers in a manner very similar to a Sports Agent/Manager representing Sports Stars. Agents actively seek out and secure career opportunities for their senior executive job seeker clientele taking much of the frustration, cost and hard work out of their job hunt. They ‘package’, brand, position and ‘market’ their clients to employers of their client’s choosing in a very strategic, confidential, sensitive and effective manner.

An Agent, based on his/her client’s career aspirations and talents hunts down employment opportunities that match his/her client’s requirements, including arranging interviews and strategising how to secure offers of employment. 

What is the role?

You will also be required to manage existing candidate relationships as well as build new relationships all while identifying talent for specialised roles.

By the nature of the area of exec search, you will need to be able to engage with sophisticated and well qualified clients and candidates.

GRM operates on both a contingent and executive model, so being comfortable to run both processes would be ideal

  • Executive headhunting of candidates
  • Actively and passively sourcing candidates
  • Building relationship with clients and candidates, and maintaining those relationships by following up and regularly going to client meetings
  • Offering career advice to candidates
  • Headhunting specialist skills when required by clients
  • Assist team members with recruitment projects
  • Planning and managing workload efficiently and effectively
  • Cold call existing clients as well as new clients
  • Qualify job vacancies with clients to get a better understanding of the skill they require
  • Finding the right candidate for vacancies
  • Prime candidates before they go on interviews
  • Debrief candidates after the interviews
  • Arrange interviews between the candidate and client after the first screening interview and assist with references and MIE checks
  • Assist candidate with the resignation and transformation to the new company
  • Advertise vacancies on online portals
  • Actively source on LinkedIn and other portals
  • Have the ability to control multiple interview process and to close and negotiate multiple deals.
  • Be able to review contracts
  • Have a positive and proactive mind set. Always looking for other options for your candidates and making sure that you send them to multiple clients so that we “create the market”, rather than just waiting for something to come to us.

Why recruitment/search as a career for me?

  1. High remuneration

There are strong financial incentives for performance, meaning talented recruiters can be very well remunerated. The more successful you are in delivering the recruitment solutions clients need – and hitting your targets – the better you’ll be rewarded.

  1. Progression opportunities

Top performers can advance quickly into more senior leadership roles. This is an industry in which professionals are judged on performance – not by time served or waiting for the next rung in the ladder coming available.

  1. Scope fordevelopment

Recruitment agencies invest in their staff, knowing they are potentially the business leaders of the future. There will be scope for training, coaching and mentorship, in order to help you come onboard successfully, become acclimatised to the industry and develop your career. And many new entrants are surprised with the practical business experience they gain – meeting with business leaders, assessing their resourcing challenges and tailoring solutions to help them growth their businesses.

  1. Contractual benefits

Many recruiters offer a variety of other employment benefits to their employees, including pensions contributions, private healthcare, reward schemes, car allowances and childcare support.

  1. Variety of work

Recruiting is a varied role in which no two days are ever the same. As a consultant, you’ve got targets to hit, but you’ve also got a degree of autonomy and flexibility. On any given day, you could be out and about meeting clients and candidates, negotiating contract rates, attending events, running interview sessions or trying to finalise important deals.

  1. A challenge

Not everyone can thrive as a recruitment consultant. You need to be an independent-minded self-starter, have a high level of confidence and developed communication and influencing skills. It also pays to be driven, creative, flexible and resilient. The job can be challenging, but there can be immense job satisfaction – in addition to the extrinsic rewards – when you successfully find someone a new career opportunity or help a company in its growth agenda.

In summary, agencies are eager to identify the next generation of recruiting talent, meaning there are plenty of attractive roles available for the right graduates. Working as a recruitment consultant, you have the opportunity to really show what you can do – and be well-rewarded for your achievements, even at an early stage.

About GRM

GRM was founded in Hong Kong in 2008. In 2014 we opened our first South African office.

GRM Search is a multi award-winning recruitment consultancy with offices in Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Cape Town and strategic partners in the offshore market, Singapore, China and London.

We have won, or been finalists for, 10 awards in the past 4 years – a mark of truly outstanding hard work and dedication.

And now we have gotten even better.

Whilst the world around us has changed, we found that many recruitment consultants are still determined to do things the “old way”, a way that is becoming more obsolete each day that passes.

Hiring managers and job seekers now have a myriad of tools at their disposal to choose from when conducting a recruitment process, so much so, that in many cases, an Agency isn’t needed. In order to stay relevant, agencies have to change and be better and as usual, GRM is leading from the front.

After years of perfecting a data-driven model, we are now in a position to launch our analytic and algorithmic approach to our valued clients and candidates, making it quicker, easier and more accurate to identify the talent or role that best suits you or your firm. Furthermore, we are able to constantly refine our approach via the utilisation of machine learning algorithms – such tools allow us to constantly optimise our performance in ways that humans alone cannot. Combining this with our many years of industry knowledge, connections and our award winning personal touch, we are promising a service not yet seen in the recruitment profession.

Working with Data Scientists and Engineers in Asia, Africa and the US, we have developed proprietary algorithms using huge data sets that only GRM has access to – this will revolutionise the way in which you develop your hiring strategy, find staff or chart your new career path.

The Successful Applicant

For the role of a Consultant, we are looking for candidates with:

  • A university degree, ideally a legal qualification and an admitted attorney, though this is preferred and not mandatory
  • The most important requirement is a hunger to succeed and a desire to learn. Some of the best consultants we have produced have been graduates with the right attitude.
  • Confident on the phone, willing to make cold calls, getting rejection but remaining tenacious.
  • A polished individual who can confidently meet with executives or junior attorneys and feel equally at home engaging with both.
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