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26 May 2020

Even before the current crisis, the failure rate of small businesses in South Africa officially stood at around 60%. Poor contracting and legal documentation is a key factor in failure, as entrepreneurs commit themselves to legally binding agreements that are not in their favour, are unable to recover bad debts or do not maintain compliance with employment and sector specific law.

What we have seen to date is that COVID-19 and the national lockdown has amplified this trajectory. So, now more than ever having your legal ducks in a row will be the fine line between survival and demise, especially for small businesses. Right now, the need to be on top of the paperwork is more pressing than ever. Not only will small businesses need the right documents to deal with disputes or emergency measures of their own, but accessing state aid is reliant on having.

Dealing with employment and tax issues, and applying to relief funds will require the correct documentation. The costs of being compliant can be prohibitive at the best of times. Right now, every cent counts, and we’re working hard to help companies get on top of their affairs cost-effectively.” explains founder and Managing Director of SchoemanLaw Inc, Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

One thing is for sure – the crisis of Covid – 19 and lockdown is forcing businesses to innovate and to do so under massive time constraints. SchoemanLaw Inc, an award winning law firm for their use of technology, has been innovating longest and successful in adapting even in these difficult times.

Their Contracts4biz.co.za launched in 2018 and has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs. It offers users access to reliable legal contracts, no prior legal training required, easy to put together, once assembled instantly available to download and most importantly at an affordable price (around 10% of the usual cost without any quality compromise). There is no need to leave small business’ legal needs unattended or resort to unreliable alternatives ever again!

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