Vuyokazi Mpela

Vuyokazi Mpela is a Legal Advisor at Legal&Tax.

Vuyokazi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law, from the University of Johannesburg. She is an experienced attorney skilled in the drafting of legal documents and pleadings.

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Accidental death and road accidents

When you never get where you were going As many of us are gearing up to go home and away, we need to talk about road safety. We all know that the roads are actually a dangerous place, but we don’t always remember that while we’re walking or driving. Road accidents kill an …

customary marriage
Traditionally ever after – Customary Marriage and divorce

What you need to know about Customary Marriage and divorce Many of us think long and hard about getting married, but not everyone thinks as carefully about what kind of marriage we are going to choose. We look at some of the complexities facing young couples when they…

Making your rights a reality

We understand that what the law says is not everyone’s experience. We look at ways to make your rights feel more real in your daily...

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