Vicky Stilwell

Vicky Stilwell is a director and trade mark attorney at KISCH IP. Vicky has more than 13 years’ experience in the field of intellectual property, specialising in all areas of trade mark and copyright law.

Vicky Stilwell

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Pointers for becoming famous on social media
Pointers for becoming famous on social media

Social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have provided a (sometimes dangerously) easy way for wannabe celebrities to get themselves into the public eye. In past decades, becoming famous, whether it be as an actor, comedian, musician or writer, meant…

Who is the boss of your cake?

Fans of reality TV shows will be familiar with shows like Cake Boss, which pit the worlds best confectioners against each other to produce the...

BREXIT and your EU trade mark

For many years, brand holders have taken advantage of the comparatively inexpensive EU trade mark registration system to get registered rights in their trade marks...
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