Trevor Simon

Trevor Simon brings formidable experience and industry knowledge to our highly regarded litigation and insolvency teams. With his local and international knowledge, having practised as an attorney in both South Africa and Australia, he is recognised for his expertise in arbitrations, curatorship and administration applications as well as civil, commercial, property, public law and administrative law litigation.

Trevor advises and acts for public and private companies as well as private individuals in an extensive range of litigation matters including corporate debt recovery, liquidation proceedings and curatorship and administration applications. In addition, he advises on construction law litigation, public law litigation against national and local governmental bodies, litigation involving deceased estates, family law litigation, property law litigation including neighbour disputes, sectional title litigation, acting for and against home owners associations, bodies corporate and individuals in a range of disputes, administrative law litigation including tender disputes and litigation matters against local municipalities in a variety of disputes.

He has contributed to online publications and has shared his extensive knowledge on podcasts including those for a leading online content hub.

- Arbitrations
- Civil litigation
- Commercial litigation
- Property litigation
- Public law and administrative law litigation
- Curatorship and administration applications

Trevor Simon

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When incapacity results in the lapsing of a power of attorney
When incapacity results in the lapsing of a power of attorney

A power of attorney is a formal document where a person (the principal) gives another person (the agent) the ability to act legally on his behalf. It is not a contract but rather an expression of will by the principal. Typically, a power of attorney allows an agent to …

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