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Thomas Gerard Schmidt has experience in plant and crop biotechnology with a focus towards molecular biology, genetics, plant pathogens and genetically-modified crop research.

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SSE cometh amidst a blizzard of acronyms

Recent developments seem to indicate that the long-mooted introduction of Substantive Search and Examination (SSE) into the South African legal system is finally occurring. To this end, the patent legal fraternity was invited a short while ago to a joint briefing…

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Malaria, vaccines and the riddle of steel

In the 1982 movie “Conan the Barbarian”, the title character is told by his father (a blacksmith) that he must learn “the riddle of steel”. Conan’s father is then slain by the villain who then tries to understand the riddle, which he abandons when he realises flesh is…

Botox and the logic of regulation

Westport is a small, beautiful town in Ireland which is home to around 6000 people. It would be completely unremarkable (save, perhaps, as one of...

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