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Tanya Waksman is the head of Eversheds Sutherland's Melrose Arch commercial team managing and mentoring 12 professionals. With over 20 years’ experience in her field, she has established a large commercial and corporate law practice, with a loyal client following. She has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, cross border transactions, corporate restructuring, listings, regulatory compliance, property acquisitions and construction/development, banking, finance and structured funding arrangements, consumer protection, privacy, data protection and cybersecurity and information technology law. Tanya is well-versed in commercial and corporate governance and legal and regulatory compliance.

Tanya advises a number of listed companies and large to medium size corporates (both local and abroad) on all legal and regulatory aspects of their respective businesses in South Africa. Her clients’ range across various industries, including investment and private equity, construction and development, information technology, logistics, banking and finance, insurance, industrial, commercial, retail and franchising.

Tanya has independently managed, negotiated and implemented a number of global and local merger and acquisition projects, including investments into South Africa and abroad, as well as various divestitures.

Tanya’s recent experience includes:

The acquisition of a number of business, in various jurisdictions, within the information technology sector and a resultant global corporate restructure;
A large share and asset acquisition, and structured finance deal, in the industrial sector which spanned across various jurisdiction,
The incorporation, formation and establishment of a revised group structure across various jurisdictions;
The negotiation, finalisation and implementation of various global commercial contracts for a multi-jurisdictional business in the industrial sector.

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