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Simon Kuper

Simon Kuper is the Co-Founder and Executive at Taurus Capital. Simon co-founded Taurus Capital in 2016. He is responsible for engagement with the legal fraternity and the core company legal offering. He also focuses on business development, risk management, underwriting, and monitoring. Simon is an attorney by trade and spent almost a decade post-articles in a specialist commercial litigation and corporate insolvency practice. His experience is a valuable contribution to Taurus’ various committees. When Simon is not spending time with his family, he is training for his next marathon.

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The history of litigation funding
The history of litigation funding

The worldwide rise of litigation funding began after the Global Financial Crises of 2008. The transaction of funding litigation has, however, been around for millennia. Before its scale into the main stream of both the litigation and investment arenas, it was more…
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Litigation game theory

Examining litigation and game theory is not a new concept. In South Africa, Taryn Neuhaus has written a fascinating paper titled “Game Theoretic Modeling of...