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Reenen Lombard

Reenen graduated from Rhodes University with an LL.B and went on to complete his Articles in a Cape Town based law firm. After obtaining his LL.B he worked as a General Office Manager in a Corporate Travel Management Company whose responsibilities included Human Resource (HR) management, Contract Management, Debt Collection, Sales and various ancillary responsibilities.

He is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, with experience in many areas of the law including Lower and High Court Litigation.

His experience extends to both general commercial litigation and company law. His experiences at the coal face of South African business means that he can advise companies while still considering practical considerations. Reenen has an interest in Cyber Law and thoroughly enjoys litigating in open court. He has a keen interesting in leveraging disruptive legal technologies to the benefit of law firms, lawyers and clients.

When not in the office or in the halls of various courts, Reenen can be found hiking, watching live music or relaxing at home with a good book.

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