Liani Taljaard

Liani Taljaard is an Attorney at KISCH IP's trade mark department. Her experience includes:

-Trade mark litigation
-Trade mark availability searches and prosecution
-General civil litigation
-Commercial law

Liani is a student member of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL).

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Articles by Liani Taljaard

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Russian trade mark wars – PEPPA PIG and others

An unprecedented judgement opens the door to widespread infringement of the intellectual property rights held by foreigners in Russia. As a result, foreign domiciled parties holding intellectual property rights in Russia should consider placing notices on …

trade mark
Copyright in traditional works

Good progress has been made in South Africa to establish and provide for the adequate protection of traditional works over the past few years. One of the first being the formulation of the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Act No. 28 of 2013 (the IPLAA), which came…

A trade mark is a badge of origin

“A trade mark. A badge. Origin. Three different concepts. Used together, there is only one concept, namely, a trade mark is a badge of origin.”...
badge of origin

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