Lennard Cowan

Lennard is the Head of the Commercial Litigation Department and has practised law since 1981. His main area of speciality has been Commercial Litigation. He has vast experience in matters both large and small in the areas of company law, contractual disputes, collections and any type of dispute where there is a monetary value or legal right which is the subject of litigation. Lennard has conducted matters for values in excess of R2 billion in the International Court of Arbitration which is based in Paris. He has conducted various other litigious matters in arbitration fora and courts throughout the world including in China, the United States of America, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In South Africa, he has conducted practice in the lower courts and the High Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court. His list of clients are both large multinational corporates, South African corporates and South African small businesses and individuals. He has over the last 30 years developed an extensive network of associate law firms, experts and other skills required for the most effective resolution of any litigious matter.

Lennard Cowan

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