Kerron Edmunson

Kerron Edmunson is an international legal, regulatory, and drafting specialist consultant for the ICT, utility and public and private sectors as well as being an expert in continuing legal education (CLE).

Kerron is a qualified attorney in South Africa and is also qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales with legal advisory experience across 25 countries including Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Western Europe, the UK, the Bahamas, and throughout Africa including South Africa.

Kerron has applied her expertise in drafting contracts, advising on policy and regulations, as well as influencing policy within the utility sector. Clients have included Cell C Limited, Virgin Mobile, Helios Towers, Internet Solutions, Kagiso Media, AME Limited, Caxton and CTP Publishers Limited, and ICASA. Kerron has also acted in an advisory capacity to the IMF and World Bank, as well as having worked on projects for governments in Guernsey, Namibia, Lesotho, Kenya, Liberia, Zambia, the UAE, Malawi, and South Africa.

Kerron has also headed up a legal department in a law firm and built a practice in two companies, run a regulatory department in a large corporate and lectured at the Masters of Telecommunications law postgrad course at WITS, ensuring that her experience is far broader than just the law.

Operating from Johannesburg, South Africa, Kerron has worked across the globe with numerous law firms, legal advisors, private and public sector legal experts and consumer bodies. Kerron has worked and continues to work with international and local experts including Incyte Consulting (UK), KPMG (SA), PwC (UK and SA), BMI-Techknowledge (SA), Digitalthings (SA), Analysys Mason (UK).

Kerron Edmunson Inc, as a regulatory and legal consultant, offers a flexible but dedicated service that focusses on the big picture. As a strategist, Kerron uses a risk assessment and mitigation lens while also single-mindedly pursuing the best solution for the circumstances. Go to or email me at [email protected] for more information.

In 2018 Kerron founded ClearlawSA, an online distance education platform for law professionals. Here Kerron brings her expertise to the arena of CLE. Kerron’s vision for Clearlaw is to contribute to raising the standards of service in the legal profession with top quality accredited courses and opportunities for self-improvement. Clearlaw’s self-paced modules offer exceptional convenience and value along with the opportunity to easily earn CDP points. Go to for more information.

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