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Kareema Shaik

Kareema Shaik is a partner in the Trade Mark Litigation department of Adams & Adams. She qualified as a trade mark law specialist in 2013.

Her practice areas include litigation relating to trade marks copyright, passing-off, unlawful competition, domain name disputes, company, close corporation and business name objections both in South Africa and in most other African jurisdictions, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, the OAPI region, Ethiopia, Morocco and Madagascar, to name a few.

She also has experience in reviewing and managing clients’ intellectual property portfolios, including making recommendations to ensure that clients have adequate IP protection, both in South Africa and in the rest of Africa. She has trade mark prosecution experience in appealing or responding to provisional refusal issued by trade marks registries in South Africa and other African countries.

Some of the clients she has worked for include international film production companies, American celebrities, a few international clothing retailers, pharmaceutical companies and a leading South African hotel, gaming and entertainment group.

She has been involved in running software enforcement programs in South Africa for various international software companies. She is also a trainee adjudicator for SAIIPL, which is accredited as a dispute resolution provider in terms of the .za Alternate Dispute Resolution Regulations.

Areas of Specialisation:
Trade Marks:
- Enforcement
- Enforcement
- Trade Marks
- Copyright

Kareema Shaik

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