Jaco Theunissen

Jaco Theunissen is a director a KISCH IP's patent department. His expertise includes: Preparation and prosecution of local and foreign patent, registered design and plant breeders’ rights applications; Novelty and infringement searches and reports; Drafting of agreements;
Litigation: patents, registered design and plant breeders’ rights matters; Anton Piller orders; General litigation in life sciences

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medical technology
Medical technology: Setting the pace in innovation

In 1962, when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, Telstar launched the first communications satellite, and General Electric introduced the world to the single LED. The first personal computer was developed at the commencement of his incarceration, and somewhat alarmingly,…

Patent inventorship – Not always so patently clear

The South African Patents Act No. 57 of 1978 (“the Act”) does not define “inventor” per se, although it is generally understood to refer to a natural person who conceives of something novel in the context of patentability criteria. Unless otherwise provided or agreed,…


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