Galia Bloch

As an integral member of one of South Africa’s leading litigation teams, Galia Bloch’s experience lies in civil and commercial litigation, commercial and residential evictions, consumer protection, contractual disputes, damages claims, perfecting notarial bonds, liquidation applications, interdicts, restraints of trade and arbitrations.

Galia assists her local and cross-border clients in minimising financial loss in commercial disputes and claiming money from or defending matters arising out of breach of contract or damages suffered.

Galia has been published in leading online and print publications where she showcases her extensive experience in informative articles. She obtained her B.Com. and LL.B. degrees at the University of the Witwatersrand.

- Civil and commercial litigation
- Commercial and residential evictions
- Consumer protection
- Contractual disputes
- Damages claims
- Perfecting notarial bonds
- Liquidation applications
- Interdicts
- Arbitrations

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Reservation of ownership

There is often a misconception that if a creditor sells goods on credit, in terms of an instalment agreement, to a company in which agreement...
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Who owns a computer program?

With new and innovative computer programs constantly being developed in all sectors, opportunities abound to not only create apps or programs that are revolutionary but...


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