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Frieda Levycky

Frieda is an English qualified lawyer with over 13 years of experience in the international legal arena, both in private practice and in-house. Frieda is a Consultant in Cape Town and specialises in cross-border M&A transactions with a particular niche in the commodities sector.

Frieda started her legal career at an international law firm back in 2004. She worked in London, Hong Kong and Singapore covering a variety of cross-jurisdictional M&A work in various sectors including insurance, telecoms and commodities. A six-month secondment to Louis Dreyfus Company, one of the leading global commodities trading houses, resulted in her becoming “Senior Legal Counsel – M&A and Special Projects” for the company. Whilst at LDC, Frieda independently managed a number of global and regional commercial, financing and M&A projects ranging across the various commodities sectors. Most recently, she led both from a legal and project-management perspective, the structuring and ring-fencing of the global fertiliser and inputs business unit within the LDC group into an independent business unit, and the subsequent divestment of the African portion of the business (12 jurisdictions).

Frieda’s experience also includes:

-various acquisitions of shares and assets in agri-commodity companies in, amongst others, Ukraine, Russia, China and Singapore;
-the structuring and establishment of COFCO (Beijing) Agricultural Industrial Equity Investment Fund (a Limited Partnership), the first agricultural investment fund in China with permitted foreign investors;
-the incorporation of and related joint venture arrangements for various agri-product companies in South Africa, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and associated regulatory applications;
-the structuring and execution of pre-payment financing and offtake arrangements between LDC and various Canadian, Peruvian and Chinese producers; and
-various commercial contracts in, amongst others, Australia, Nigeria, Namibia, Poland, China and Singapore including: sale and purchase, throughput, transportation, warehousing and handling, inter-company loans, tolling etc.

Frieda is also well-versed in Corporate Governance. During her sabbatical, she volunteered as General Counsel for the global organization: mothers2mothers. The role predominantly focused on: implementing a focused corporate governance strategy for m2m in South Africa (head office) and across the African region (10 existing countries and 3 future countries), restructuring the local entities to ensure compliance with local corporate and NGO laws and regulations, liaising with the UK and US teams on various IP and Board related matters, advising on ABC issues and addressing various employment and consultancy matters.

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