Fredo Ströh

Fredo is a Director and Patent Attorney at KISCH IP. His areas of expertise include: Patents – filing and prosecution of patent applications locally and abroad; conducting novelty and infringement searches and opinions; drafting of specifications; restorations. Designs – filing of design applications both locally and abroad. Trade Marks – Conducting registrability and availability searches; filing and prosecution of trade mark applications locally and abroad. Commercial transactions relating to intellectual property, including licensing, manufacturing, supply and distribution, transfer of rights. Assisting in litigation relating to patents, trade marks and designs.

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Articles by Fredo Ströh

Don’t forget the utility model
Don’t forget the utility model

Inventors often (hopefully always) look at ways to protect their inventions to gain the most benefit for them. The first ports of call are invariably patent, design and copyright protection along with trade mark protection. In many cases, the inventor considers…
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