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Dean Raviv is an attorney, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of GoLegal. When he's not writing contracts, he's contemplating living barefoot on a beach in Costa Rica.

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New law paves the way for a new legal profession
New law paves the way for a new legal profession

They’re cold and logical and calculating. They’re great at deductive reasoning and grammar. They research and analyse and advise and sort and file and print into the wee hours of the morning. Some hardly sleep at all. No, I’m not talking about lawyers. I’m talking …

Mandela & Tambo Attorneys
Mandela & Tambo Attorneys

In 1952, two iconic freedom lovers took a heroic stand against injustice and established one of the first black owned and operated law firms in the country. (Pixley ka Isaka Seme, a founder and President of the ANC, set up a legal practice in Johannesburg around 1910/1911.)…

Direct marketing vs POPI

The Rise of Direct Marketing Technology is progressively creeping into every segment of our lives. From smartphones to smart cars, from big data to the internet...
Direct Marketing