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Danie Pretorius

Danie Pretorius is a unique combination of a highly reputable employment lawyer and a greatly experienced commercial litigator. As head of the firm’s employment law practice, Danie specialises in employment law but being exceptionally versatile, is also active in arbitration and dispute resolution.

In addition, Danie offers general commercial litigation services. These include competition matters as well as commercial disputes such as restraints of trade and Anton Piller orders. To summarise, his expertise lies in dispute resolution, negotiation, collective bargaining, reorganisations and retrenchments, corporate law, employment law, civil litigation and corporate governance.

From 1990 to 1996, Danie practised as an advocate at the Johannesburg Bar. He has also acted as a judge of the Labour Court. Danie’s experience includes joining Fluxmans as a director from 1996 to 2000, being appointed group human resources and legal director for 8 years at Metcash Trading Limited and re-joining Fluxmans as a director in 2010.

Danie regularly contributes to interviews, podcasts and has articles published in both online and print publications.

Dispute resolution | Negotiation | Collective bargaining | Reorganizations and retrenchments | Corporate law | Employment law | Civil litigation | Corporate governance

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Resigning to avoid disciplinary action is not the answer

Many employees try to avoid their fate of dismissal by resigning with immediate effect. The question whether an employer can discipline an employee who it is alleged has committed a serious offence, when faced with a resignation with immediate effect by such employee,…

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