Assurance, Risk, and Governance: International Perspective 2e

assurance risk
12 Mar 2021

About this publication:

Assurance, risk and governance: An international perspective provides a comprehensive reference for students of assurance practices and practitioners. The book explains the technical functioning of assurance processes at an advanced level using a principles-based approach aligned with International Standards on Auditing. This is complemented by a review of the leading academic research to provide readers with an easy-to-understand overview of the latest developments in external audit and related assurance services.


  • Chapter 1          Introduction
  • Chapter 2          International Regulatory Environments for audit and assurance services
  • Chapter 3          Codes of Professional Conduct
  • Chapter 4          Laws and regulations
  • Chapter 5          Money Laundering
  • Chapter 6          Fraud and Error
  • Chapter 7          Quality Control
  • Chapter 8          Professional Liability
  • Chapter 9          Client Acceptance and Continuance
  • Chapter 10        Risk Assessment Procedures
  • Chapter 11        Understanding the entity
  • Chapter 12        Overall and assertion level risk
  • Chapter 13        Response to risk
  • Chapter 14        Group Audits
  • Chapter 15        Reliance on others
  • Chapter 16        Audit of estimates
  • Chapter 17        Completion Activities
  • Chapter 18        The audit report
  • Chapter 19        Outsourcing
  • Chapter 20        Internal audit
  • Chapter 21        Other types of assurance
  • Chapter 22        Performance indicators and the public sector
  • Chapter 23        The future of audit

Interest/benefit to:

  • Year 2, Year 3 auditing students
  • Professionals

General information:

  • Edition: 2
  • Format: Print / eBook
  • ISBN: 9781485131618
  • Language(s): English
  • Published: 2021
  • Category: Governance, Risk and Compliance, Auditing
  • Retail price: R451 (print) / R409 (eBook)

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