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25 Jun 2021

Do you remember going to the circus?

The excitement was palpable as you walked into the circus tent, the smell of popcorn, toffee apples and cotton candy wafting through the air. Jugglers were juggling balls, men walked on stilts handing out animal shaped balloons and trapeze artists flew through the air.

With a seemingly quick flick of a switch, the lights were turned down and suddenly the Showman was standing in a triumphant pose in the spotlight and the show began.

Now that we have painted a picture of happiness and fun, where anything is possible, we would like to introduce our amazing new product, AJS’s User Tasks. Unlike any other product currently being offered in the market today, AJS’s User Tasks:

  • Enables you to see what needs to be done, by whom and when.
  • Allows for the easy management of your task list. You can create tasks for yourself or assign them to a colleague. In fact, you can even create one task for multiple users (each of them will get the same task on their to-do list).
  • Can be linked to a matter and therefore have detail relating only to that matter, e.g. arrange for client to sign documents, or not linked to a matter, e.g. prepare a conference presentation.

With Task Actions the person who created the task remains in control the entire time and can complete the tasks, including those assigned to colleagues. He or she can also edit the tasks as required to allow for unforeseen changes and urgent work to be completed seamlessly.

The colleagues to whom tasks are assigned can accept, reject and complete their tasks, but not edit them. Progress notes are automatically added by the system and anyone can add his or her own manual notes, thereby enabling everyone to clearly see the full progress on any given task.

When reporting you can easily export the task list as filtered, i.e. whatever view is selected, by virtue of an Excel spreadsheet, making the process of collating tasks and understanding what is outstanding a cinch. Clients can easily be appeased by letting them know everything is well and truly on track, with proof.

Need to search for completed tasks and view all notes? It’s easy, just view the task history. If the person who assigned the task does not make notes regarding what is happening, the system automatically does it for them, ensuring each team member remains well and truly up to date on the matter.

Additional features include:

  • Remain informed of your day-to-day activities and easily view what is assigned to you for today vs what you assigned to others for tomorrow vs what assigned tasks may have been rejected, ensuring that swift action can be taken on something that has not yet been done.
  • An easy toggle function allows you to filter between – Task types, User Types or Date range.
  • Foresee an issue with a task or a matter – raise a risk and alert users to possible issues, thereby circumventing further problems, delays and unhappy clients down the line.
  • Supply additional info or add supporting documents to assist with a task. You can add attachments or link attachments that are already on an account.
  • Most importantly, always stay informed of progress on a matter without having to constantly follow up, by receiving notifications when others reject or complete tasks assigned to them.

AJS has made it their mission to save you time and ensure that you always remain on top of everything with this important Version 4 update feature. AJS’s User Tasks will not only make a big difference to your business but will also have a significantly positive impact on how you run your practice.

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Alicia Koch

Alicia Koch is an admitted attorney with over 10 years PQE. She has worked in law firms, has had her own legal consulting company and has been an in-house legal... Read more about Alicia Koch


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