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Aug 2018

What to do when your neighbour builds right up to your property


This articles explains your rights as a property owner when a neighbour violates a building line or encroaches on your land.

Determining building lines

Every property has several imaginary lines that run along the inside of the property parallel to…


Apr 2018

Knowing the hidden costs of buying a property

Experts estimate that the hidden costs of buying a property can add as much as 10% onto the purchase price. Knowing the “ins and outs” of the property before making an offer can prevent an emotionally inflated purchase price and save valuable finances towards …


Jan 2017

IP commentary – Mauritius Draft Industrial Property Bill

The Mauritius Draft Industrial Property Bill is open for comment. We are in the process of studying the draft, but in the meantime we are able to offer the following initial comments pertaining to Trade Marks in the Bill. This is a Bill which seeks to consolidate all …


Jan 2016

Goodbye Ziggy Stardust – An Intellectual Property Trailblazer

David Bowie is dead at 69.  During his larger than life career in music that spanned more than four decades, he was dubbed Rock ‘n Roll’s greatest chameleon and also the Master of Reinvention.  He was inducted to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.  A true…


Jul 2018

Are banks entitled to sell your house for next to nothing?

One of the most popular methods by which South Africans purchase immovable property is through a loan from a bank. This process involves a mortgage bond being registered over the immovable property as security by the bank to ensure that if a person fails to pay back …


May 2018

The legalities around COJ imposing the “Illegal Use Tariff”


City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality (“COJ”) has taken the view that rating categorisations and tariffs are not linked to each other, and that this accordingly entitles it to change a consumer’s tariff without changing the consumer’s…


Mar 2019

Strict liability: Dog owners (and insurers) beware!

The prevalence of crime in South Africa prompts many home owners to have vicious dogs in the hope of safeguarding their property and deterring burglars. However, dog owners and their insurers should be wary of attracting liability under the actio de pauperie (the…


Oct 2018

Blockchain – Friend or foe of the patent system?

The rise of blockchain technology, and particularly cryptocurrencies, has influenced various aspects of the global economy and the technological landscape. The concept of a blockchain was invented in 2008 to serve as a public transaction ledger for the Bitcoin…


Jun 2018

Need to stamp out blatant workplace sexual harassment

A woman security guard working in a Nairobi shopping mall has been awarded damages after the bosses told her colleagues that she had been caught on tape, ‘having sex at work, with a stranger’, but later retracted saying they made a mistake. In her A Matter of Justice


May 2018

Africa – An ideal market for brand holders and counterfeiters

25 May 2018 is celebrated as AFRICA DAY and marks the formation of the African Union. Africa has seen a vast increase in investment and growth over the past 50+ years and many companies have already mobilized to capture this emerging demand.

With the growing investment,…


May 2018

Private equity in South Africa – Changes for growth?

Investors globally are constantly searching for growth investments and in South Africa, changing political conditions have sparked a renewed optimism in this area.

Spurred on by the change in political leadership and a favourable upswing in market conditions,…

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